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The most essential things which according to the experts must always do is hiring the right company for the work because not only it provide great advantages to the customer but also ensures that whatever work have been performed by the experts.

How Basement For Less Founded?

Basement for less was founded on the principles which were designed to address the concerns and suffering of the customer which they have to face over and over by selecting companies

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About Basement For Less

Selection of the company is very important because just like you select the best product for you home so with the same motivation the selection of the company should be also done because the installation of the products , handling, safety hazards and all other aspects are very important and only company with long history of success, licensed, specialist with the will of putting customer satisfaction first will make your life more easy and will also save you from the regard which you will making afterwards if your selected wrong company for the work.

There are many things which customers have to manage in case if they hire nonprofessional for the work like the shower heads are properly installed if not there is chance of leakage which can damage anything, any defects during the electric work has not been left and even color of the house base is properly prepared so the colors can be vibrant these technical stuff for most of the customer are very difficult to understand and managing them is way to difficulties because the associated problems which customer have to face are way too much and financially their impact is also very deep which is because of these unprofessional companies and answer from all these raising question is Basement for less. Basement for less was founded on the principles which were designed to address the concerns and suffering of the customer which they have to face over and over by selecting companies for the work and not getting the satisfied results in the end.

Basement for less is the only company who is the ray for hope for the customer who are looking for professional services for their home from installation of the kitchen counter tops or complete renovation of the basement or tile installation in the bathroom or reediting or anything related to kitchen bathroom basement or external tile installation basement for less is your company for the work. Our experts are leading ones from the industry with vast experience in handling various types of projects of any type and ensuring the end result is satisfying as customers want when they hire the experts for the work.

Why Always Basement for Less?

This question always comes to the consumer mind when they inquire about the best services in their area and basement for less names pop up not only that even their friends suggest our name because of the one simple reason: the quality service. One main focus is always to provide a service which is beneficial for the customer so that they don't have to suffer from various hazards or issues and then think about the wrong decision. We have very strict mechanism which ensure that best man are doing the customer job ensuring all the safety protocols which are mandatory are being properly followed, top of the line products are being used even a screw with good quality, deadlines are being properly meet by our team and customer are properly being answered before the project work or during or even after and finally they services charges are affordable and justified ensuring hundred percent satisfaction achieved.

Many customer thinks that's most of the house renovations can be performed by themselves because they possess some knowledge related to it but in actual the little knowledge is very dangerous for example if the leakage of the pipeline which clients is repaired but the not actual problem which causing the leakages is addressed then you can imagine what worst conditions which clients have to face in this case and there are many cases where is not recommended that customers should perform this type of task due to their sensitivity. There will be million reasons to perform the job by yourself but the failure will be many if anything goes wrong because failure in this type of works can be very severe that’s why basement for less is answer for all these because of the commitment we do with the customer and we have the ability to fulfill them as well no matter we have to put extra force in completing the task or requires external assistance it will be us who will be meeting the deadlines on time and it will be us who will be held responsible if there are mistakes and left by our experts during the work on your project. There certain services which not only increase the face value of the house but through them you enjoy more comfort like bathroom remodeling or kitchen remodeling or basement remodeling these task are the game changer of the house and also they are expensive one also as compare to other projects that’s why experts with history of doing hundreds of project should be take care of your task so that you don't have any stress of anything of how and when your project will be executed and how it will be completed. We will take care of each and everything whether it's designing part or installation part or quality inspection part or final touching our experts will ensure that the ultimate goal is being achieved which is customer satisfaction.

We Are Here To Bring Your Dream Interiors To Life.


1. Contractor of the year 2018 & 2019

Basement for less is winning contractor of the year award continuously from last 2 years and the reason behind the winning is the commitments and strong principles.

2. Best of Homestar’s 2020 with 9.8/10 ratings

Basement for less recently won Homestar’s 2020 awards with outstanding 9.8/10.

3. Social Media Following

Basement for less is among few companies who have a large following on social media and it shows that customers believe that they can trust us for the projects

How long should my home remodeling project take?

The length of a project will vary depending on the scope of work, but we can give an idea of duration early in design. All of our construction agreements include an approximate start date and completion date during our design/build process.

Is finishing my basement a good investment?

The average return on a finished basement is around 70% of what you spend. That of course includes all the do it your self basements as well as the high quality professional finished basements.

Where are you located? and What are Your Serving Areas

Currently Basement For Less is Located at 40 Pippin Rd #25 Vaughan, ON – L4K 4M6 and Our Serving Areas are Vaughan, Woodbridge, Maple, Newmarket, Bradford and other GTA areas.

Why Should I Hire Basement For Less?

We provide quality yet affordable renovation services for kitchens, bathrooms, and basements. Our team is highly skilled and properly equipped to deliver high quality of workmanship in each renovation project entrusted to us. Whether it is installation of new sets of lighting fixtures for your kitchen or finishing of your bathroom, we got you covered.

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