Bathroom Renovation

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Bathroom Renovation

Bathrooms are one of the places in the house where regular activity happens throughout and customers always need everything working in the bathroom whether it’s an electric outlet or cabinets or taps or exhaust fans and many more. It doesn't matter what type of work you need to get it done basement for less is there for you ensuring that work will be completed on time providing you the complete granite of the work.

Basements for less are very famous for their remodel service turning your old bathroom in the new with all the latest design concepts firmly embedded and also enhancing the requirements of the customer. We will take care of every aspect of the project whether its installation of the sink or shower glass, wiring, plumbing work, flooring or cabinets. Our all-round services will complete your bathroom remodel project on time without causing any stress either related to designing or installation or finishing. Our bathroom experts will take care of each and every thing in your bathroom. Some of the services are as follows.

1. Drywall
Water leakage is one of the major issues which can destroy your drywall. If you suspect you are the victim of that, ask for our assistance immediately and get your drywall repaired by our experts.

2. Electric Works
Are you facing issues with bathroom lights or the exhaust fan of the bathroom is not working or you want to add additional lights on your bathroom then our expert electrician will perform the job in the quickest time.

3. Flooring
Does your tiles fade away which doesn't look good now and you can't get it repaired by the experts in the affordable prices contact us. Our experts will take care of the installation of the new flooring or repairing work and finishing work as well so that they look brand new again.

Bathroom is one of the most frequent place of the house

which is being used by the people living in there and remodeling of the whole bathroom is very technical and complex process along with huge investment which is required to completely change the whole landscape of the bathroom which have several components like assessment , redesigning, selection of the accessories, installation, finishing and quality inspection for you which you cannot rely on some ordinary bathroom remodeling company because they lack expertise in executing every step of bathroom remodeling with perfection. Basement for less is one of the leading experts when it comes remodeling project our expatriates in this domain is no matched and our dedication in each and every project reflects our commitment towards the customer that they will be served top quality service and projects will be completed on time so that customer don't have to suffer more because the remodeling projects are not easy one its take time and create a lot of mess. The main essence of the bathroom remodeling project is turning the design which you have select into a reality which you use and most of the companies fails to delivers and in the end the customer is the one who have to suffer that’s why select basement for less for the bathroom remodeling work our experts will completely change your existing one into most beautiful one you have ever seen.

We will inspect your current bathroom and will mark

each and every space to better layout the actual space and based on the data provided by the inspection team and through your thoughts we will start making design keeping in mind the limitation and expectation. We always encourage customer input at every step because the customer is the one who will be using it. The foundation of the company is very important not only it reflects the quality of service they will be providing to the customers but also the commitment and frontally you will be shocked that only company is present in the province who are devoted towards providing excellence services and have the successful track record of being the customer number one preference for bathroom designing work. Basement for less believes that bathroom designing is a very important element in any type of remodeling work not only that if the layout of the design does not perfectly blend with the existing location and customer essence than how hard we work on that we will not achieve the satisfaction of the customer. There are very huge expectations of the customer when they hire a professional designing company for the project and most of the companies fail to deliver the result is all due to lack of interest towards providing quality design that's why the basement for less has a dedicated department of design who take every task as a challenge.

Bathroom renovation is not an ordinary project

which can perform by any local company because they are several stages in any type of renovation work and it is mandatory to complete each step with perfection because they are dependent on each other for example if the designing of the bathroom is not done properly then installation and layout will not look good that’s why it is very important to seek professional assistance in these type of complicated projects so that your investment on the project should be worthy and you can enjoy your new luxurious bathroom without worrying about any mishaps which you can face in the future if you are some ordinary company for work. Basement for less is providing all kind of renovation services in the province for a quite long time and during all this we have gain valuable experience and we have improved our services according to the Expectations of the customers in term of services which will be providing to them but in the prices which are affordable by every type of customer not only that the implication of the project on time it's also very important that's why our team we will work hard day and night to meet it the deadline. Our customer service and helpline are always available for you regarding any kind of assistance you required for your bathroom renovation work check your location.

Ceiling is as important as other parts of the bathrooms

because ceiling helps to maintain the sooner environment in your bathroom. Basement for less is one of the few companies who have expertise in this kind of work not only that our range of services reflects the importance we give to our customer related to any kind of renovations works that seek in the area. Many customer unfortunately neglects the importance of ceiling in the house not only that even their ceiling is getting damaged due to leakage or any other issues they feel is not necessary to repair them but according to study after repairing thousands of ceiling roofs we have observed that it's better to get repair your ceiling as soon you spotted some issues because afterwards the cost of repairing also increases and damage can further seen on other things in the bathroom as well. Experts at basement for less understand the problems which customers have to face during installation of the ceiling or repairing of the ceiling that's why we have introduced our ceiling services for the customer in economical prices so that everyone can easily avail our services without thinking about the service charges or quality of service at any time. Our Experts are top rated certified skilled technicians who have in depth knowledge regarding ceiling which is very important because it unprofessional perform the work and doesn't do it properly than whole ceiling frame can be damaged and you will end up paying more as compared to the initial cost.

Bathroom Tiles Installation and Replacement

Bathroom tiles has now become one of the most essential things as part of renovation or new construction project not only they are durable and long lasting but also a great sense of beauty in the overall design of the bathroom. Bathroom tiles comes in various sizes, design, material and shapes which helps provides great help to the customer to finalize their theme of bathroom but it can go all in vain if they are not properly installed by the professional because uneven placement of the tiles not only harmful to the floor but accidents might happen which can cause direct injury to you or your loved. It's also changes the purpose of the beauty which you needed extremely in bathroom that’s basement for less understand what actually wants that's why we have one of the most trustable team of experts who will ensure that all the work related to your tiles are done perfectly not leaving anything unbalanced and also finishing will be off top class so that you can enjoy your new space. Basement for less are not limited to new tile installation but we are now providing replacement to your existing tiles because removing the old ones and placing the new one is typical process which requires tools and skills to perfectly finish the work and leaving no trace mark of the replacement or damaging the others tiles which is very common if the work is being performed by someone who are not an experts.

Glass Mosaic Installation

Bathroom is one of the most common places in the house where frequency of the usage is very common and if you guest comes, they notice your bathroom as well if they are properly designed or not that’s now the household’s customer pays extra attention towards designing and putting accessories in the bathroom. Glass mosaic addition in your bathroom not only increase the beauty of the bathroom but also change the complete design from normal to extreme appealing. Installation of the glass mosaic in the bathroom is not any easy job for most of the companies they hire external contractors which are not answerable to you and in most of the cases the customer become disheartened due to work is not completed as per their expectation. Basement for less understand this issue very well that’s why we are one of the few companies in the whole country who dedicated experts of the glass mosaic installation. Our top priory will be always customer happiness and to achieve that we are ready to provide the best industry benchmark service which will helps to gain the value bale trust from the customer for any kind of work related to renovation.

Granite and Marble Installation

Use of granite in the bathroom has been rapidly increases and now customer demands to use granite in their bathroom renovation or design phase the problems are that there are very few companies who have skilled labor for granite installation and you are very lucky that basement for less are among them serving the customer in reasonable prices. If you are looking for granite specialist for your bathroom and kitchen in the maple city, Woodbridge, Aurora Vaughan. Newmarket, Bradford and Markham Ontario then we will your ultimate choice for technical work. Natural stones are not easy to cut in desire shapes and they are pretty expensive as well which requires proper handling using the advanced tools so that finished product looks extremely beautiful and this can only be enjoyable if you acquire the top most rated services basement for less.

The use of marble in the bathroom is a luxury within itself and this can be ruined if they are not properly polished or installed as per the requirement which will result in a loss of money and stress as well. Basement for less is your first choice when it comes to marble installation in your bathroom. Having vast experience in this business services we have successfully completed hundreds of marble installation work across the province. Marble is one of the few natural stones which are durable and if finished properly they give your luxurious look that's why we keep extra attention towards finishing the products so that you can enjoy the great for which you have paid a handsome amount.