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Custom Cabinetry

If you want custom cabinets in your kitchen, then you are at the right place; we basement for less can help. We offer a variety of custom cabinetry to fulfill your requirements. We are experienced in custom cabinetry designing and give your kitchen the best look you always wanted. Our team of experts is experienced in custom cabinetry for commercial sectors. All of our cabinets are custom made and are designed to suit your design and fulfill your requirement. Our aim s to meet our clients' needs and give them the best service in town, so they remember us when they want our help. Cabinet's design, color, and material should be chosen wisely because the kitchen is something that requires consideration and planning to make.

All our experts who custom made your kitchens built with care and attention to detail with experienced cabinet makers who work attentively and effectively provide you with the right and most suitable custom-made kitchen for your home. There are several styles in the market. We offer several designs of kitchen cabinets for you to make the right choice for your kitchen. Every house is different and has its homeliness and character, so we create custom made kitchen cabinets to suit your style preferences and requirements. Our expert designers work hard to give you the most up-to-date products and designs and ensure they are available for our clients. We basement for less are committed to working with you to get the very best products and innovative ideas.

Cabinet refacing is basically a replacement of cabinet skin

Cabinet refacing is basically a replacement of cabinet skin, replacing the doors and drawer fronts and apply a new veneer to the existing door. Many firms specialize in performing cabinet refacing. A skilled expert can also perform cabinet refacing by buying a veneer kit containing the wood veneers and application materials, then special-ordering cabinet doors and drawer fronts. A cabinet refacing pro will usually require two to four days to perform this service, depending on your kitchen's size. Normally it took three days for normal size kitchen to cabinet refacing. The three days schedule look like:

• Day 1: Remove hardware, doors, and drawer fronts. Begin veneering. Pick up and clean at the end of the day.
• Day 2: Continue veneering. Pick up and clean at the end of the day.
• Day 3: After finishing veneering. Install new doors and drawers’ fronts. Adjust and install hardware.

Not every cabinet is the right candidate for refacing. This doesn't mean those old cabinets are bad candidates, though, because in many cases, older cabinet boxes have sturdier construction than newer factory-manufactured boxes and will accept new veneers and doors quite successfully. Suitable cabinets for refacing must have these elements:

• Sturdy box construction is made of plywood or MDF panels that are smooth and in good condition.

• Face frames of solid hardwood. Suitable hardwood face frames will accept veneers and can solidly anchor new doors.

• Internal hardware (drawer tracks, interior storage elements) that are in a proper shape. If the cabinets do not reface smoothly or the cabinets lack shelves or storage accessories, the client's amount for the refacing may not be worth it.

So, we basement for less are well known for refacing and our only motive is to satisfy our clients. We are just one step away call us now and get your kitchen renovate from our experts.

Custom closet: A closet that is made specifically to meet the needs of the user

The selection of cabinets is one of the most challenging kitchen renovation choices because when you don't get things according to your requirement. The Basement for less is experienced in creating custom closets and shelves to give your kitchen a touch of beauty and fulfill your requirement. A custom closet can add an average value to your house cost because it is different from other places of the apartment, and it can fulfill all the buyer's requirements. Custom closet worth every penny you spend on it because it can increase your house's cost, and most importantly, you can place everything where you want to. We always want to satisfy our clients in the best possible way with our services' help so we can gain trust and maintain our quality and name, which we have for a long time. Today call us and get the best custom design cabinets according to your choice from our skilled experts.

Painting a closet will not take so much time

Painting a closet will not take so much time, like painting a room, but it can be tricky if you're not prepared, and this is done by someone who is not an expert in doing the closet painting. Working in a smaller space is a challenge on its own, so using the right tools, materials, and an expert's help is the key. And, just like all the other space in your home, you want to choose and match up the right paint shade and finish to create a functional and attractive closet that looks like every part of your beautiful home. Choosing the correct paint shade for your closet can be difficult and required expert advice so, our team of skilled experts will help you in painting your wardrobe, which will give a touch of beauty to your room. Painting the closet to match the rest of the room creates a simple, elegant look for space. If you choose the same color as the room, you'll have to repaint the closet every time that you paint the room, so select the lasting color which remains longer. The cabinet is the smallest part of the room, so it should paint natural and light. If you paint the closet in a darker shade, it can also be challenging to watch the items placed inside the cabinet because dark shades don't reflect light very well. So, you will face difficulty while finding something from the closet. The closet's best colors are to choose a light, neutral shade such as white, sky blue, beige, gray, and coffee color. These colors work with virtually any color scheme and help reflect light to see better inside the closet and easily find whatever you want to. So, our experts are well known about the color schemes and all to assist you, and we will love to serve our clients in our best possible way.

If you are looking for the specialist for all kind of renovation works

If you are looking for the specialist for all kind of renovation works including bathroom renovation, kitchen renovation. Custom cabinetry. Tile installation, pitoning services in economical prices but top-quality services in maple city, Woodbridge, Aurora Vaughan. Newmarket, Bradford and Markham Ontario then basement for less is your company. We started our operation based on the single goal which is to provide customer the top-notch service for any kind of renovation work and to achieve the customer ultimate happiness from our work we are giving one hundred percent in every project whether they are small scale ones or large scales one.

There are many obstacles in finding the right company with top skilled team in the province not only that but the prices they charged even for the small works are very much due to this many of the projects never started because of customer out of range that's basement for less are committed to provide the services in the prices which everyone can easily afford and they can enjoy their dream project without worrying about quality of the work or prices we will charge. Providing our services in most parts of the state Basement for Less is the name you can blindly trust for any home related services. Our experts’ team is the key to success in the business because of their exceptional professionalism towards each work and ensuring that the deadlines which are set for the project are completed so that customer can enjoy their new designed space as quick as possible and feel proud for selecting us for the work.